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Anointed Day Pricing

$400 per song Multi-track from scratch. Recorded Mixed and Mastered.

Ideal for remixes and projects that already have stems of their project.
$250 Stem mix unlimited tracks. Mixed and Mastered
$300 Stem mix unlimited tracks. Mixed and Mastered. But with overdubs such as vocals and minimal parts. etc.

$40 per hour if you would rather pay by the hour.
If started by the hour project stays by the hour.

Text-806-454-0080 for booking. Can be scheduled 24-7 by appointment.
At Anointed Day you aren't paying for a facility. You are paying for a sound.

Guaranteed -Quality!!

Digital Distribution and Marketing

$40 for digital distribution to 600 plus stores. (itunes,amazon, deezer, spotify,etc)

Marketing available ask for information.

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