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    $35 Per-Hour Flat Rate
    A 2 hour deposit is needed to lock in time slots. Non-refundable. Will be applied to session.


    Buy one of the packages or studio time blocks below.

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    Musicians are separate from studio packages and block time. Each has their own rate.
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    Packages: Without a time clock. Does not include Musicians.

    $700 Per Song Multi-Track full band recording. Includes studio time to record mix and master. Not a licenses to do, redo. If this per-song studio rate isn't for you. Then we have block time.

    $200 Singer Songwriter Per Song. Max 5 instruments. Example: vocal, acoustic, bass, lead, synth. (Drum Machine. Included)
    Does not include recording and processing drums. However a drum machine is allowed. One will be provided.

    $300 Stem/Mix with overdubs. This Package is ideal for Hip-Hop artists with stems of their beat and only need to record vocals. Mix and Master included.
    $125 Stem/Mix and Master.
    $100 Stem/Mix Only.

    Mastering Only: $35 Per Song. If purchased separate from a package.

    Extra time can be purchased at $35 per hour. Or you may purchase blocks of time.
    Unused time is non refundable.

    3 Day Lock: $1000-Max 30 Hours
    5 Day Lock: $1700-Max 50 Hours
    7 Day Lock: $2350-Max 70 Hours

    Come prepared studio time starts at the scheduled appointment time. If your late thats on you.

    A non refundable 2 Hour deposit is required for all bookings. This is to limit the no-shows.
    Those that are only professional in their own mind and not anybody else's. Deposits will be applied to the session. However if you need to reschedule 24 Hour advance notice is required or another deposit will be required. No-shows- deposits will not be refunded.
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    Blocks of Time.
    10 Hour Block $345 at a rate of $34.5
    25 Hour Block $862 at a rate of $34.4
    50 Hour Block $1700 at a rate of $34
    100 Hour Block $3300 at a rate of $33

    Bulk time is purchased at one time. Do as many songs as you can within the block of time. Can be use for recording, mixing and mastering. Unused time will not be refunded.
    Extra time outside the bulk price can be purchased if needed at $35 per hour. Or you may buy more blocks of time. Discounts start at a 10 hour block.

    Come prepared studio time starts at the scheduled appointment time. If your late thats on you.
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    Payment due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.

    Payment methods, PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, Cash.