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    Limited Time-Discount Price Package: All Time Included. Musicians not included!
    Per Song Multi-track. Recorded Mixed and Mastered.
    $300 Stem Mix. Mixed and Mastered.
    $350 Stem Mix. Mixed and Mastered. With Overdubs.
    Album package. 10 Songs. $5000
    Mastering included.

    To receive discount Text 806-319-8771

    *Packages include all studio time for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Musicians are not included. Packages are designed to create a masterpiece allowing an artist to fine tune their songs. It does not allow for finishing a song and deciding at the last moment to redo. That will be another song. Don't abuse us, we won't abuse you. Many have asked how many hours are included. Don't worry about the hours they are included. For what you will get, paying by the hour would be much more expensive. Packages are for those who really want the best of the best without the fear of time. There isn't any better deal anywhere. You can sound just as good in Nashville. But nowhere near the Price.

    If started by the hour project stays by the hour.

    50% deposit on larger projects. 30% on all others. Deals can be made don't settle.
    Packages are guaranteed to be radio ready!

    Hourly Rate:
    $50 Per Hour.- Two Hour Min.
    $500 Daily Rate 10 Hours: Buy 2 days or more price drops to $400
    If started by the hour project stays by the hour.

    MASTERING: Outside of packages. $40 Per song.

    Text-806-319-8771 for booking. Can be scheduled 24-7 by appointment.
    At Anointed Day you aren't paying for a facility. You are paying for a sound.

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